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self service or "deluxe"

The 24 hours self service breakfast is offered to our guests with the room at no extra charge. It gives you a maximum flexibility as to your waking up time, no matter you are an early bird (business first) or a dormouse.

Practically, you have an all day access to the big kitchen for the exclusive use of our guests, where you have the breakfast room. You can make yourself a coffee, a tea, a hot chocolate; you can help yourself for a glass of water, of milk or orange juice and even warm up the baby bottle. You will find, on a permanent basis, cereals, sandwich bread, jam, Liege’s syrup, speculoos spread, and chocolate spread. And according to the day, waffles or other Belgian treats in single packages.

Every evening, we fill the fridge with butter, one choice of cooked meats, and one choice of cheese. And in the morning, we add some fresh bread, French stick (baguette), some couques (Belgian danishes) or pistolets (small bread loaves), depending on what's available from the baker's.

On the week end, a lavisher deluxe breakfast inspired by Brussels can be ordered upon request and at a reasonable price. This way you can enjoy a special moment with your hosts before exploring the city!

The 24 hours self service breakfast is offered to our guests with the room.
Deluxe breakfast : 10 € per person (only on week ends, upon request).

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