1. Where are you exactly in Brussels?

Brussels is a city but it is also a district region made of 19 municipalities - similar to London’s boroughs at a smaller scale. Our house is located in the municipality of Koekelberg, one of the 19 Brussels boroughs. This municipality, famous for its Basilica, is located in the North-western part of Brussels, only minutes away by car from the very centre.


2. Are you close to the centre?

The centre of Brussels has the shape of a pentagon. Koekelberg is located at less than 3 kilometres from Brussels’ Grand Place. By metro, it will take you about 10 minutes to be in the very centre (5 minutes by car).


3. Are you conveniently located for public transportation?

The house is located two steps away from the Simonis Square, which is a real hub for public transportation in the North-western part of Brussels. Two metro lines have a stop here as well as several tramway and bus lines:


4. What about my car?

The house is located in a “blue parking zone”. This means that all cars of non-residents may park at no charge during two hours, using a blue disk showing the half hour following your arrival time. In the evening and on weekends, parking is free in our street. For longer parking needs, free parking is available in the street a few blocks away from the house. Paying and guarded parking (Cityparking) is also available at about 200 metres from our place.


5. J’arrive en avion, je fais comment ?

There are various connections with both Brussels airports, with a large variety of rates.

..........From Brussels-National Airport (Zaventem) :


6. Can we smoke in the rooms?

No. The entire house is no smoking. The hosts who can’t live without a cigarette can go to the garden.


7. What time is breakfast?

Whenever you want actually! Self service breakfast is offered free of charge. On a permanent basis you will find toast bread, yogurts, jam, honey, chocolate paste, butter, fruits and cereals in the kitchen. You can use the coffee machine and the electric kettle whenever you feel like a hot drink. In the morning, you will also find fresh bread and breakfast pastry.

Outside the usual breakfast time, please respect the other guests’ rest.  


8. I prefer a lavish and hot breakfast, specially made for me. Is it possible at Dame de Carreau?

Of course! On the week end and subject to prior notice the day before and for an extra cost of 10 EUR, we offer you a « de luxe » breakfast with hot dishes (for instance, eggs, pancakes, waffles or other treats according to the chef’s inspiration or the guest’s choice), a large selection of coffee or tea, special ham and cheese, prepared fruits, etc. A “big” breakfast served in the breakfast room at the requested time.


9. Can I have breakfast in bed?

Unfortunately not in our guests’ rooms. We have a dedicated breakfast room in the ground floor kitchen. Please do not eat in the room and don’t take your hot drinks in the rooms. This will avoid sleepy guests to fall in the staircase with a hot drink… ;)


10. Can I invite visitors in the room?

As a general rule, visitors are not allowed at Dame de Carreau without prior authorisation and registration.


11. Can I come with my pet?

Sorry but we don’t accept animals in the rooms, for reasons of quiet, hygiene and respect of the other guests.


12. Do you have some tips on Brussels?

Of course! Just give us your centers of interests or plans and it will be a pleasure for us to help you with some tips.


13. Is it possible to wash my clothes at your place?

No, but there is a laundry 10 minutes walk away from our place.


14. How do I book?

Contact us first to check availability for your requested dates. We will confirm availability and price. Any request that you make means that you read our general tems and conditions and that you have accepted them. If you’re ok with the rate and conditions, you will be requested to send us your full personal information (name, address, e-mail, phone number) and to pay a dawn payment to confirm the booking.


15. How much is the down payment?

We will ask you for the equivalent of one night stay, to be paid through a bank transfer, paypal (with 3 EUR extra charge to cover the paypal costs) or Western Union. The rest of the price must be paid in cash on arrival. In case of cancellation less that seven days before the due arrival date, the down payment will not be paid back. If you can inform us earlier, we will of course proceed to the reimbursement although any cost of bank transfer, paypal or Western Union will remain at the guest’s charge.


16. Do you accept checks?

Checks are almost no longer in use in Belgium, so we don’t accept them.


17. And what about credit cards?

We're sorry, but we don’t have a credit card terminal.


18. What if I cancel my stay?

In case of cancellation less that seven days before the due arrival date, the down payment will not be paid back. If you can inform us earlier, we will of course proceed to the reimbursement although any cost of bank transfer or Western Union will remain at the guest’s charge.


19. In which languages can you welcome us?

We both speak French, Dutch and English. Philippe speaks Spanish and Laurent, German. We both have some basic knowledge of Japanese. We should be able to communicate without major problem!


20. How can I contact you?

The easiest way is to send us an email at welcome@damedecarreau.be. You can also call us or write us - please refer to our coordinates under the "Contact us!" page of our website.